PTFE Coated Carbon Steel Ring Joint Gasket

Thie gasket price is cheaper than stainless steel like SS 304, SS 316L, it is an economical choice for ring type joint flanges. If you have any need  this gasket please call us or send us an email.

Welcome to Know PTFE Coated Carbon Steel Ring Joint Gasket

In the natural environment carbon steel is easy to rust, PTFE coated carbon steel ring joint gasket can solve this problem. And carbon steel is very cheap when compared with SS316 or SS304, so the gasket cost is very low. The color of the PTFE coated can be blue or yellow.

The gasket can be made according to ASME B16.20 and API 6A standard.


This gasket has many advantages, so it can be widely used. It has good corrosion resistant properties, high and low temperature resistant. And as this gasket with PTFE coated, so it can be stored for a long time and no consider about rust. The most advantage is that carbon steel is very very cheap.

Chemical Composition of Carbon Steel (%)