Rubber-steel Gaskets

Rubber-steel gaskets have amassed a wide range of applications in sealing technology. Wherever the secure sealing of media with an exceptionally low leak rate, as well as low bolt loads at relatively low temperatures is required.

What are Rubber-steel Gaskets?

Rubber-steel gaskets are used where safe sealing of conventional up to special industrial media such as gases and liquids are required under usual installation conditions like temperatures, pressures and forces. The gaskets can fit the surface of the flange. Also when the flange mis-matches, or when there are minor damages to the flange. The rubber-steel gaskets have a steel insert and is available in many types. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.


The Rubber-steel gaskets are suitable for gas, water, and drinking water applications. It is well used in pipeline construction, gas and water supply, rubberised flanges, plastic and GRP flanged joints.


  • Suitable for temperatures up to 200 °C whe the rubber is FKM.
  • Excellent for applications with flanges that have low surface pressures, poor and non-parallel flange surfaces.
  • Common application areas are e.g. in treatment plants, waterworks, biogas plants and the chemical industry.
  • Stable gasket facilitates installation in vertical flanges or in systems with negative pressure.
  • Suitable for water, gases, wastewater, chemicals, etc.
  • Very suitable for flanges of plastic and fiberglass.