Zinc Plated Soft Iron Ring Joint Gasket

In a natural environment, as we all know materials like soft iron and carbon steel are often rusted. So how to solve this problem? The best method is to make soft iron or carbon steel with zinc plated. In the following articles, we will know more about zinc plated gasket

Welcome to Know Zinc Plated Soft Iron Ring Joint Gasket

As soft iron is easy to be rusted in the natural environment, zinc plated soft ring joint gasket can solve this problem and stock longer time. Its max hardness is 90HB. The color of the zinc plated can be white and colorful.

Why we Use Zinc Plated Soft Iron Ring Joint Gasket?

The reason why we use zinc plated soft iron ring joint gasket is that the soft iron price is much cheaper than the other metal steels. Other materials like monel 400, alloy 825 are expensive, but they are used when gaskets need contact very critical service.

What grade Soft Iron used for Ring Joint Gasket?

The soft iron we use for making ring joint gasket is DT4


The zinc plated soft iron ring joint gasket is used for pipe flanges, tower tanks, pressure vessels. It is also suitable for high-speed joint surfaces, high-temperature and high-pressure valves. And it can perfectly seal on wellheads and Christmas trees in the oil and gas industry.

Chemical Composition of Soft Iron (%)


Mechanical Properties of Soft Iron RTJ Gasket

Tensile strengthMpa255
Yield strengthMpa150
Elongation at break%35
HardnessBrinell HB88
By the way the density of the soft iron is 7.86 g/cm3