Before time China gasket manufactuers can not make vermiculite spiral wound gasket, as we do not have vermiculite filler used for producing the gaskets. And now time China can produce our own vermiculite spiral wound gasket which can replace Flexitallic Thermiculite 835. It is a big step in gasket industry.

In 1987, Flexitallic experimented with a mica-encapsulated graphite seal to resist extreme temperature, and pressure conditions. Although unsuccessful, our search led to discovery of vermiculite’s use in sealing— the basis for the incredibly versatile material, Thermiculite®. Unlike mica, vermiculite can be exfoliated. But unlike graphite, it will not oxidize—enabling Thermiculite to create a lasting, gas-tight seal in high-temperature (up to 1800°F/982°C) and high-pressure environments. Something mica, graphite or mica still can not do.

spiral wound gasket same as Thermiculite 835