CG Spiral Wound Gasket

The CG spiral wound gasket that we offer can be same as Flexitallic brand. It has one outer ring, the outer ring is typically made from painted carbon steel, but other corrosion resistant materials are available like stainless steels and other higher temperature alloys.

By reading the following content you will know many knowledge and information about CG spiral wound gasket.

Welcome to Know about CG Spiral Wound Gasket

The CG spiral wound gasket means that the gasket just has one outer ring, no inner ring. The outer centering ring can accurately center the spiral wound gasket on the flange face, hence it can provide radial strength and acts as a compression limiter.

The outer ring of CG spiral wound gasket is typically painted carbon steel material, but other corrosion resistant materials like stainless steels and other higher temperature alloys are available. CG spiral wound gasket is a general purpose gasket suitable for use with flat face and raised face flanges.

Gasket Materials

The CG spiral wound gasket has a winding sealing ring, and an outer ring. The materials we can use for the gaskets can be many metal steel tape and kinds of winding filler.

Outer Ring Materials

The outer ring of the spiral wound gasket, sometimes known as centering ring or guide ring. The material for the outer ring is usually carbon steel, but steel also available according to customers’ need.

Winding Ring Material

The winding ring is usually made of formed V shape metal strip and a soft gasket filler material. The standard thickness of the winding ring is 3.2mm, 4.5mm, 6.5mm. So we need use different sizes of materials to produce the gaskets.

V-shape Metal Strip

The V-shape metal strip can be SS304, SS316L, SS317L, SS321, SS347, Alloy 20, Titanium, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Incoloy 800, Incoloy 825, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B2, Monel 400. Meanwhile the thickness of the metal strip is usually 0.2mm, and the width is often 4.5mm.

CG Spiral Wound Gasket Filler

We can use many flexible fillers for the CG spiral wound gasket production such as PTFE, graphite, Vermiculite. Those filler materials are very flexible, so spiral wound gaskets have high resilience to gain a better sealing effect.

The width is usually 5.5mm, 5.8mm, thickness is 0.5mm. Anyway other width and thickness also available.

Other Types of Spiral Wound Gasket

Besides CG spiral wound gasket, spiral wound gasket also has other 3 popular types like R, RIR and CGI.

R Type Spiral Wound Gasket

R type spiral wound gasket is the basic type of the spiral wound gasket. It does not have inner or outer ring, just has a sealing winding ring. The inner and outer diameters of the sealing winding ring are reinforced with several plies of metal strip without filler, as a result the gasket has greater stability and better compression characteristics.

R spiral wound gasket is suitable for high and low pressure applications and for severe corrosive conditions.

R Type

RIR Type Spiral Wound Gasket

RIR type spiral wound gasket is designed to prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize erosion of flange faces. The inner ring provides a positive stop preventing the gasket from over compression and possible damages.

RIR Type

CGI Type Spiral Wound Gasket

CGI type spiral wound gasket has both inner and outer rings. The inner ring often uses the same material as the winding ring, but it also can be other alloys depending on service.

CGI Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gasket Bolt Torque Value

The information for the spiral wound gasket bolt torque value chart is important, as when installing the gasket we need know it. Different type of gaskets will have different torque value charts, below are the torque value charts for our CG and CGI spiral wound gasket.

CG Spiral Wound Gasket Torque Value Chart

Spiral Wound Gasket Value Charts

Spiral Wound Gasket Torque Value Chart

CGI Spiral Wound Gasket Torque Value Chart

China Spiral Wound Gasket Torque Value

Gasket Torque Value Chart