Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gasket

In 1987, Flexitallic experimented with a mica-encapsulated graphite seal to resist extreme temperature, and pressure conditions. Although unsuccessful, our search led to discovery of vermiculite’s use in sealing—the basis for the incredibly versatile material

Welcome to Know about Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gasket

Our vermiculite spiral wound gasket can replace the Flexitallic Thermiculite 835 type, as the filler we use all is vermiculite. It is a critical service gasket suitable for use in applications involving high temperatures and aggressive chemical media. The spirally wound sealing element of the gasket is made of a metal winding strip in combination with a vermiculite filler material.

Equal to Thermiculite 835 gaskets

Vermiculite Spiral Wound Gasket Application

Vermiculite spiral wound gasket is suitable for use in a wide range of sealing applications. It is a high integrity seal in the most demanding environments and particularly suitable for high temperature applications. Typical applications include superheated steam, strong oxidising media and elevated temperature service. Metallic components, winding strip and rings, can be selected to suit specific applications.

Service Temperature

This vermiculite spiral wound gasket can work well in high temperature up to 980℃.


Filler Material: Vermiculite
Winding Strip: Typical SS316L (Others available)
Outer Ring: Typical SS316L (Others available)

Vermiculite spiral wound gasket is available in various styles, R, CG and CGI to various standards, ASME, DIN, EN etc. It can also be manufactured to customer drawings for non-standard vessel and heat exchanger applications.

Physical Properties of Vermiculite

Item NameUnitValue
Tensile Strengthmpa3.38
Max Working Temp980