SS316 BX Ring Joint Gasket

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Welcome to Know SS316 BX Ring Joint Gasket

SS316 BX ring joint gasket has good corrosion resistance particularly in chloride environments. It also has good resistance to most chemicals involved in such industries as paper, photographic and textiles. The gasket is actually rectangular in cross section and tapers in each corner in addition to it has a strain balance hole to make certain equalization of pressure which might be trapped in the grooves. SS316 BX ring joint have been suitable for higher pressure ratings starting at 5,000 lbs, and ending with 20,000 lbs.

SS316 is an austenitic stainless steel with added molybdenum which gives the alloy improved corrosion resistance. It is commercially almost as popular as 304 stainless. The mechanical properties of the alloy are similar to 304 except that this grade is stronger at elevated temperatures. Type 316L is a low carbon version of type 316 which minimizes carbide precipitation due to welding.

Chemical Composition of SS316 (%)


Mechanical Properties of SS316L BX Ring Joint Gasket

Tensile strengthMpa605
Yield strengthMpa289
Elongation at break%60
HardnessBrinell HB160
By the way the density of the SS316 is 8 g/cm3