G-ST Rubber-steel Gasket

You can have G-ST rubber-steel gaskets size from 1/2 inch to 24 inch. And we can offer you the gasket at factory price and free samples.
Material: Rubber with Steel.
MOQ: 1 piece.

Welcome to Know G-ST Rubber-steel Gasket

G-ST rubber-steel gasket consist of an EPDM or NBR elastomer part along with a metal steel core. The steel core increases the blow-out resistance and the stability of the sealing system. This gasket requires low bolting force or surface contact pressure, the application limit is 16 bar. The rubber materails can be Viton, EPDM, NBR, HNBR according to different uses. The dimension sizes we can make DN15 to DN2000.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in this gasket, we can offer you the most quality products for your sealing need. Some types can pass FDA standard when the gaskets need be used in drinking water applications.


G-ST rubber-steel gasket has a wide range of uses depending on the rubber elastomer in use and is suitable for water, steam, gas, air, acids, alkalis, hydrocarbons. It is also widely applied in the petro chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, steel factories and power plants.


G-ST rubber-steel gasket has an extremely strong bond between the rubber and steel core. And that is why it has so many benefits and advantages.
The gasket has low leakage rates thanks to homogeneous structure of elastomeric materials.

  • The sealing shapes itself to the surface of the flange, even with minor damages.
  • Excellent energising properties ensure a tight seal.
  • Very good adaptability to the sealing surfaces.
  • Durability of the rubber offers a tight seal.
  • Tightness even at low surface pressure.
  • It is easy to install.
  • Low torque.

Other Types

Below are the most popular rubber-steel gasket we make. The steel core and rubber materials you can choose what you want. And Custom size or drawing also can be.


It is the classic rubber metal gasket for various application

G-ST Rubber Steel Gaskets China


it is used in various applications, top choice for joints connecting non-metallic (plastics or GRP) and steel fanges.

China Rubber Steel Gaskets Price


It has customized dimensions with a visible stainless steel insert.

G-ST-POE Rubber-steel Gasket drawing