CGI Spiral Wound Gasket

Flexitallic Gasket Company invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912. By now spiral wound gasket plays a role in oil and gas, pipe line, as well as other important industry application. As the manufacturer of this type of gaskets, we keep delivering our gaskets to the world markets with our sincere service, best quality.

By reading the following content you will know much knowledge and information about CGI spiral wound gasket.

Welcome to Know about CGI Spiral Wound Gasket

CGI spiral wound gasket has an sealing element, at the same time it has inner and outer metal ring. So it owns the sealing element on both internal and external diameters. The inner ring functions as an additional compression stop and prevents inner buckling of the sealing element. The inner ring is typically made from the same material as the winding sealing element, but can be produced in other alloys depending on service.

In the following text we will know more about CGI spiral wound gasket, such as its application, the difference between CG type, advantages, outer guide ring color code, dimension, gasket construction and so on

Who Invented Spiral Wound Gasket?

Flexitallic Gasket Company invented the spiral wound gasket in 1912. While the industry’s need for an improved, safe, and effective sealing solution for increasingly demanding applications, It was formed in Camden, New Jersey by German immigrant Mr. Henry Bohmer.

CGI Spiral Wound Gasket Construction

The CGI spiral wound gasket has 3 parts: Winding sealing elements, inner ring and outer metal ring

Winding Sealing Elements

The winding sealing elements is usally a spirally wound v-shaped stainless steel strip, and a non-metallic filler material, such as graphite or PTFE.

Inner Ring

Almost the inner ring material is same as the winding sealing elements

Guide or Outer Centering Ring

The outer ring is mostly carbon steel painted, but it also can be stainless steel like ss304, ss316.

This image is about the spiral wound gasket constrution type

The Difference between Spiral Wound Gasket CGI and CG

The difference is so clear as the CG spiral wound gasket just has the sealing element and outer ring, meanwhile the CGI spiral wound gasket has both inner and outer ring.


The CGI gasket can seal where high pressure and temperature are present. It is suited for ASME B16.5 and B16.47 series flanges, flat and raised faced diameter flanges up to and inclusive of Class 2500.


This gasket has many advantages such as below listed, as a result it became one of the most popular gaskets.

  • Outer centering ring centers gasket on the flange and provides a compression stop
  • Operating temperatures up to 1800 F with Thermiculite® filler
  • The shaped metal windings provide resiliency
  • Standard sizes available for most flanges
  • Inner ring prevents radial buckling

Spiral Wound Gasket Identification Color Code

Below is about the color code of spiral wound gasket to identify which steel the gasket uses
Winding MaterialMin TempMax TempColor CodeColor
Alloy 20-300°F1400°FBlack
Inconel 600/625-150°F2000°FGold
Incoloy 800-150°F1600°FWhite
Inconel X750-150°F2000°FNo
Incoloy 825-150°F1600°FWhite
Hastelloy C276-300°F2000°FBeige
Hastelloy B2-300°F2000°FBrown
Nickel 200-320°F1400°FRed

Spiral Wound Gasket Filler Color Code

Filler MaterialAbbreviationColor CodeColor
CeramicCERLight Green
VermiculiteVERMLight Blue