VCS Flange Isolating Gasket Kit

VCS flange isolation gasket kit is a high performance gasket that can seal perfectly in very critical services.
Material: G10+SS316 core gasket.
MOQ: 1 piece available to buy.
HS code: 8547909000.

Welcome to Know VCS Flange Isolating Gasket Kit

The VCS flange isolating gasket kit was originally designed to provide a reliable sealing solution for electrical insulation of critical flanges, particularly where phenolic gaskets had been failing in RTJ flanges. The gasket was successfully developed and tested by a major oil and gas company. The VCS gasket was placed in operational service in 1981 after proving it has superior sealing performance. Since then, hundreds of thousands of VCS gaskets have been placed into service throughout the world. Current users include every international oil and gas company operating in the worldwide market.

VCS flange isolating gasket kit provides exceptional insulating and general sealing performance in aggressive material applications. The gasket kit is suitable in all services up to and including ANSI 2500# and API 10,000# classes. And one complete set of VCS flange isolating gasket kit includes one central isolating gasket, one insulation sleeve per bolt, and two insulating and two plated steel washers per bolt.

The complete set of VCS Isolating Gasket Kit

Components of VCS Flange Isolating Gasket Kit

VCS flange isolating gasket kit mainly has 4 parts: one central isolating gasket retainer, Spring Energized PTFE Seal, Isolating sleeve and washer. The following content we will know more about them

Central Isolating Gasket Retainer

The central isolating gasket retainer is usually a G10 gasket bonded with SS316 metal core. And the G10 material can be replaced by G11 or G7, the steel core also can be other steel metal.

Spring Energized PTFE Seal

The spring energized PTFE seal seated in the VCS central isolating gasket as a sealing element. That is the reason why the VCS gasket has so many advantages. Other seals available on request like FKM.

Isolating Sleeve

The isolating sleeves are normally G10, G11, Mylar, Nomex or other materials.

Isolating Washer

The metal isolating washer we ofen use is zinc plated carbon steel as it is cheap, but steel also can be. The GRE isolating washers we use are G10, G11, phenolic, mica and other materials.

Application of VCS Flange Isolating Gasket Kit

  • It is a more convenient spiral-wound type gasket replacement
  • Locations where one prefers an integral seal element
  • Critical service applications
  • High pressure flanges
  • High pH Service
  • H2S Service

Advantages and Benefits

The VCS flange isolating gasket kit has so many advantage and benefits, that is why it is widely used nowdays. The following content we will know more.

  • It has extremely high reliability sealing and insulating for all critical services.
  • The VCS gasket can seals and insulates at all pressures up through ANSI 2500# and API 10,000#.
  • It can withstands severe service conditions, including large bending moments, vibration, temperature, and pressure cycling.
  • Tackles corrosive environments, including high concentrations of CO2, H2S, produced water, etc.
  • It has outstanding isolating properties for cathodic protection, galvanic corrosion, and other pipe system isolation needs.
  • Insulating Kits (sleeves and washers) always include high strength double washers and full-length sleeves for maximum assurance against short circuits.
  • High strength laminate material resists failure due to excess compression.
  • Spring energized PTFE seal provides radial load and encapsulation in the seal groove to eliminate cold flow.
  • Available to match any flange specification (ANSI, API, BS, DIN, AS, others).
  • Can seal mismatched RTJ Flange with Raised Face Flanges.
  • Re-usable.
  • Easy installation, make up and removal. The rigid construction helps facilitate installation. Low required bolt loads. Less make-up force is required resulting in less flange and bolt stress. Self-aligning and centering, no special tools required.

Recommended Isolating Gasket Bolt Torque Values

ASME B16.5 Recommended Values in [ft-lb]
1 1/43045559055905590155255155255230350
1 1/23045951609516095160230380230380335530
2 1/25590951609516095160230380230380335530
3 1/2559095160155255155255------